A Giant Lens and a Giant Megapixel Image

Silly restraining order keeping you away from Angelina Jolie? Pfft. Meaningless when put up against the “Mother of All Telephoto lenses. To quote Petapixel.com: “The Canon 1200mm f/5.6 L lens is a legendary optic that B&H calls “The Mother of all Telephotos“. It’s a 36 pound behemoth that costs $120,000 if you can find one for sale — only a handful of them were made at a rate of 2 per year (delivery time was 18 months). When coupled with a crop factor body (e.g. the Canon 7D) and a 2x extender, the lens is the equivalent of a 3840mm f/11.”

See it in action here:

And now baseball fans….check out this image from Game 1 of the National League Series. It’s a panoramic made up of 280 images and totalling 1,242 megapixels…that’s 1.2 gigapixels! What’s really cool is that if you use the tool to zoom in, you can actually see people in the stands! I see you picking your nose!