Shark Week Features Phantom, Canon Cameras

Great White Shark


It’s Shark Week and you know what that means! O.K., I don’t actually know what that means except that a lot of people seem to really enjoy watching sharks on TV. I found myself among them last night as The Discovery Channel kicked off Shark Week. I, of course, was more intrigued by the cameras they were using to film and shoot great white sharks jumping out of the water. The photographer was using Canon gear; I assume a 1D MKIV given the audible fast frame rate. I also identified what looked to be at least a 600mm lens, the 70-200mm and possibly a 17-40mm. For the super slow-mo stuff they pulled out the Phantom camera shooting at 1,000 frames per second.

In case you don’t know, the Phantom is an uber-expensive camera used by movie studios to capture super slow motion video. I blogged about it awhile back when I found a video of a flame thrower versus a fire extinguisher.

Anyway check out the video clip here and you’ll catch a glimpse of the 70-200 and the cool slow-mo video shot by the Phantom.


Slow Motion DSLR Video

So you might remember from a past blog post this cool video showing a flame thrower versus a fire extinguisher:

Well, if you can’t afford the expensive Phantom camera ($2,500 a day to rent) used to shoot that, why not use a Canon Rebel with a kit lens and a $300 program?

The program is called Twixtor and it was also used to shoot this video with a Canon 7D:

News, Tips and Cool Stuff for Photographers

I spend every morning scouring photography websites and blogs. I use Twitter and my AllTop blog reader to condense my search. I usually post interesting items on my Facebook Fan page and thought it would be a good idea to blog about the interesting items I stumble on.

Like the f-stop watch, for example. I so want one!

Check out this cool video of a flame thrower versus a fire extinguisher taken at 1000 frames per second! Guess who wins.

Or this video of 52 Canon DSLRs used to shoot a Matrix-style surfing video. Tres cool!

How about two 5-minute videos on posing models? It’s really aimed at stock photographers, but there are some helpful tips in there.

I leave you with an article featuring 25 sites where you can get free stock images. I found it through LinkedIn, so if you can’t access the link, let me know in the comments and I’ll post them here.