Canon Rebates, A Ton of Light and Amazing Images in Today’s Photography News Round-Up.

If you’re still in the shopping spirit, Canon is offering rebates on the 7D, 60D and Rebel camera with certain lens combinations.

You might remember a past blog post about different services photographers can use to check if their images are being used without permission. Well, now there’s an extension in Mozilla that lets you search various reverse image engines with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

You have got to check out this commercial by Vincent Laforet. He used 225,000 watts of light to shoot at 600 frames per second. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes video too. I wrote more about it on the PetaPixel blog.

I’ve been following the story of New York Times photographer Joao Silva since he stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan. When the story first broke, reports said he kept shooting after the explosion. Now The Times has published the photos leading up to the explosion and the frames he shot just after. Amazing.

I saw this last week, but didn’t want it to get lost in the Black Friday madness. National Geographic is holding its annual photo contest. You can see some of the submissions with captions from the photographers.

If you liked that gallery then you might like Reuters Strange and Unusual pictures of the year.

Lastly, I’ve mentioned The Still Image with Crash Taylor [WARNING: FIRST IMAGE NSFW] in a past blog post. I really like the images because the photographers describe the creative process including equipment, settings and post-process techniques.

That’s it for today! Enjoy.


Friday Photo News Roundup: Breathtaking Images

I haven’t done a round-up in a little while. Not that I haven’t found anything interesting,  just that I fall into the habit of posting items piecemeal on my Facebook Fan Page.

So let’s start with an amazing composite image of lightning strikes captured over the course of half-an-hour.

Lightning Strikes

Chris Kotsiopoulos

You can see more of the photographer’s work here. He’s got some pretty cool galleries of celestial events.

You might also remember a past blog post where I mention a photographer who captured lightning hitting the Statue of Liberty.

Next, check out the “World’s Best Underwater Photographs of 2010”

'Hitting sailfish' - Sailfish attacking schooling fish in Port St Johns, South Africa

Photograph: Alexander Safonov /Barcroft Media


Keeping with the theme, Reuters has a 55 photo slideshow of its best photos of 2010. What I really like about this gallery is that the photographers give extended descriptions in the captions along with the gear and settings they used. Warning: some of the photos are graphic.

Lastly, is this 360-degree, 80 gigapixel (that’s 80 billion pixels) panoramic image of London. The page is a little slow to load, so be patient. Then click “cancel” on the window that explains how to pan and zoom. I love how you can zoom in to see people on the street and inside buildings. In fact, this article gives you more details behind the work and says the photographer had to censor some naughty activity.

If you like gigapixel images, I posted this 1.2 gigapixel image a month ago from game one of the National League Series.  Again, use the tools to pan and zoom. If you see yourself or someone you know in the stands, you can actually tag them!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!