One Tough Camera – Canon Rebel XT Takes a Free Fall

Damaged Canon Rebel XT

Credit: Calin Leucuta

Ok, so I might be the last person to find out about this as it’s from December 2009 and covered by CNET, Engadget and others; but I just ran across it now, so humor me.  It comes from photographer Calin Leucuta. As Calin tells it, he let a friend borrow a Canon Rebel XT for a skydive in Florida. The friend mounted it on his helmet but it came off when his chute opened and hit the ground at around 100mph after falling some 3-thousand feet. They found the camera and much to their amazement….it still worked!

More images and the full story on Calin’s blog. Video is below. Fast forward to the last 20 seconds or so to see the camera tumbling.