Friday’s Photo Round-Up and Some Sad News

I’m usually in a good mood on Fridays. I was feeling pretty good today until I read some sad news about one of my favorite photographers. Joe McNally is mourning the passing of his cat, Nigel. He wrote about it in his blog. If you’ve read my past blogs, you know how influential Joe is to photographers around the world in teaching off-camera flash and lighting techniques. In my blog yesterday I referenced his portrait of “napalm girl”. Please take a moment to stop by his blog and leave a note.

It hit close to home. I lost my cat in January and blogged about it here.

Ok. Let’s lighten the mood. You’ve heard about the rescued Chilean┬áminer with the wife and the mistress? I can kinda relate. You see, I too have two loves: Photography….and cookies. Well, now I don’t have to choose thanks to this sweet little camera.

I saw this on the Today show yesterday. Check out these cool microscopic photographs. Some of them are like surreal works of art.

Lastly, here’s a majestic underwater image that helped me put things into perspective.