Google Launches Search by Image

You know you can search for images on Google. You can, for example, type in “red Ferrari” in the search box, but click on images to find pictures of red Ferraris instead of links. Well, now you can search by using images. The video above explains it best. Just upload your image and Google will find similar images.

I wonder what implications this has for photographers. Can you use it as a reverse image look-up to see if your image is being used somewhere similar to Tin-Eye or other services I wrote about here. I might be over-thinking it. What do you think? How would you use this feature?


Failure to Register Copyright Cost Photographer $201,550.

gavel on top of laptop

Not to beat a dead horse but…my post on copyright didn’t get many reads. As I said, I know it’s not a sexy topic. But who couldn’t use an extra 2-hundred grand? And that’s just part of what one photographer could have won in his copyright lawsuit.

I’ll link to the article at the end; be warned, it’s got some legal speak. Here’s the breakdown: A painter works from photographs to make his paintings. Another artists allegedly takes one of those photographs without permission and makes a painting from it; in essence, a copy. That artist dies but his wife puts the painting for sale on a web site. The first artist (the one who took the picture) sues and wins $201,550 in “actual damages”. Because he did not register the copyright in a timely manner, he had to prove “actual damages” and was not eligible for “statutory damages” which could have been much more. In the end, a court found he had not proven “actual damages”, which is hard to prove, and threw out the award.

Here’s the article: