Most Important Camera of 2010 and More in Photo News Round-Up

– If you have 14-minutes and 43-seconds, then you must watch this video of two of my mentors; Scott Kelby and Joe McNally talking to each other about photography.

– Wired named The 10 Most Significant Gadgets of 2010 and there’s a point-and-shoot camera on the list!

– I spotted this very cool item on the PetaPixel site:

Speaker that looks like a DSLR

Camera Speaker from

It’s a speaker that looks like a life-sized Canon DSLR with a 24-105mm L lens. You’ll notice it says “Caoon” instead of “Canon”.  It can play audio files from a USB, SD card or from a device plugged in to the included 3.5 audio cable.  It sells for $82.99.  Click the image to go to the site.

– Finally, my new Web site is live! Check it out at: