Call of the Wild

It was late March when I got my new 70-200mm f.2.8 lens. I was so excited to have it, as soon as I got it out of the box I put it on my camera and wanted to test out it’s zoom range. My cat, Paxton, was sitting on the window sill not 10 feet away. I racked the lens to 200mm and snapped a few frames. He looked at me, as he almost always does, kind of disinterested. So much so, in fact, that he yawned. That’s when I got this, one of my favorite shots:

Cat Yawning

Geek Speak:

f/2.8, 1/750th, 200mm, ISO 800

Why ISO 800? Well, ’cause I didn’t check my camera settings, that’s why. I was so excited to get the lens, I just snapped it on and started shooting at f/2.8. All in all, I don’t think the higher ISO hurts the image.