135 Free Photography Education Videos

I’ve blogged before about sources where you can find some free photography education. You may also be familiar with B&H; the huge photography, video and electronics retailer based in New York. But you may not know that the folks at B&H produce educational videos in their “event space”.

Check out this link for a list of 135 videos ranging from Lightroom and Photoshop to off-camera flash and studio lighting. Most videos run from an hour-and-a-half to two hours. So it’s a time commitment, but you can always watch in chunks; and hey, you can’t beat the price!


Take A Ride Through the B&H Conveyor System

I found this last week but forgot to post it and sadly, forgot the source. Vimeo user Lense posted this video of what the photography products you order from B&H go through before they reach your happy little hands. B&H, in New York City, is a photographer’s mecca and I hope to make my pilgrimage there one day and see this cool little system in action for myself.