Hello and welcome to the official blog for Harry Lim Photography!

I am an Orlando area photographer specializing in interior and architecture photography.

This blog will mostly discuss recent photoshoots and projects as well as observations and discussion in the photography industry and community.

I am as passionate about teaching and sharing what I’ve learned about photography as I am about making amazing images. I hope to offer something in this blog for photographers and non-photographers alike.

To learn more about me and see more of my work, please visit www.harrylimphotography.com

Thank you for visiting and please leave comments!



11 thoughts on “About

  1. Terrific article about List it, Shoot it, Sell it!! I am doing same here in East Tennessee but very difficult if not futile gaining more Realtor clients. They say their cell phones are good enough…

    • Keep at it.
      Some things realtors should know: great photography matters. Absolutely for their sellers, who want to see their for-sale home look gorgeous and saleable; for buyers, who want to see their potential purchase represented in its best light; and certainly for the realtor, because their reputation is everything – and great photography says a lot about their commitment to their work. Impress these three things on your potential clients. If you can get testimonials from people whose homes you’ve photographed, all the better.

    • Because it’s in a foreign language I cannot tell how it is being used; but I can see my name several times which tells me they are at least giving me credit. The blog has been republished many times in several languages. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Hi Harry,
    Love your work! As a former Realtor, I can’t tell you how important good photos are in selling quickly. Thanks for publishing a blog. I want to follow you and learn how to shoot great pictures. Would you suggest I take a course at the community college so I understand lighting/photography or can I grasp enough by reading books and blogs.

    Thank you!!

    • Mary,

      I don’t think you need to take a course in school. You can learn the basics by reading and watching plenty of free resources on-line. For real estate in particular, check out the Photography for Real Estate blog and don’t miss all the helpful links including e-books and videos like Scott Hargis’ Lighting for Real Estate. Good luck!

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