Good News! Professionals Are Obsolete!

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I ran across this article from a company giving its clients tips on the best resolution to upload images to its website and nearly fell out of my chair when I got to the bottom and saw the picture above with the caption: “…nor do you have to hire a professional photographer.”

Of course the image isn’t really a good example. The “before” picture is just a pixelated version of the “after” image which, I’m willing to bet was taken by a professional.

Let me share a few examples of what some of my clients have recently told me.

Client #1: “[My wife] and I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with your
photographs. Working with a professional such as you is the only way to go.”

Client #2: “We went under contract the day after the photos were uploaded!!”

Client #3: After delivering images on a Wednesday night, the client told me on
Friday, “condo is under contract as of this morning.”

You may have already read a previous blog post I wrote which went viral and has been published all over the world about a house which languished on the market for 8 months before the real estate agent hired me to take new photos.

After Nearly 8 Months, Photos Help Sell Home in 8 Days

But hey, who needs to hire a professional, right? So the next time you need a lawyer, plumber, mechanic or doctor…just do it yourself!


4 thoughts on “Good News! Professionals Are Obsolete!

  1. So true. Last year, I was approached by a coworker who, being on a tiny budget but needing a wedding photographer, asked if I would be interested in shooting her wedding photos. She really loves my fine art and landscape images, and the few portraits I have done, and wanted to have me do her wedding. Being as wedding photography and portraiture are really out of my usual genre, I was hesitant, but after a couple weeks of deliberation, thought, what the heck? I told her that would be great, asked lots of questions about the upcoming event, advised her of the cost (and I kept it minimal, knowing their budget was tight, and me not really being a wedding photog) and generally thought I had a gig lined up. Until one day, we passed in the hallway at work, and I asked, “How is the wedding prep going? Any questions you have for me, or anything I need to know that’s new?”, to which she replied, “Oh! I am totally sorry, I forgot to tell you– my future mother in law has a camera, and is going to do all our pictures for free!”

    I smiled, and said something to the effect of “Oh, well that’s nice!” and went along on my way.

    Yes, that is what EVERY Mother of the Groom wants to spend the entire special day doing– chasing around trying to get good images, instead of being part of her son’s actual wedding, sitting back, and taking in the memories. Oh, and actually being IN the pictures as well.

    I wonder how that all worked out for her.

  2. At any rate, I have recently had it suggested to me that I ought to delve into RE photography, by a relative whose spouse does this for a living, and they both seem to think I would be very good at it. After looking at our local listings, I can see a dire need for it, or at least for some education of the RE agents! It is unbelievable the bad listing images that are out there, some on high dollar homes, too! As my relative said, yes, RE agents usually don’t really enjoy having to take pictures, and in truth, they are horrible at it anyway. I agree!

    I have put together an introductory portfolio, using my own home (staged it myself, but will not be offering staging to clients! Just tips!), I already have business cards, and recently had some intro flyers printed up professionally. I plan to reach out to agents in our quad-county area, as well as here in my hometown. I know the hometown agents pretty well, and they are aware I am a photographer, but already they are proving that they don’t really see a point in having better photos.

    I would like to ask permission to use this article of yours as a guest post on my blog, and perhaps also your article about the home that sold in eight days after 8 months on the market, and new images. I want to put some informational examples and info out there, so my prospective clients can either see the value in my services, or at the very least, be inspired to learn how to do better photography themselves. Geez, if they would just learn to use their cell phone settings, or better, yet, put it away and try an actual camera!!

    May I repost your articles and link-back to your blog? Would appreciate it, if it’s okay with you! As I am just starting out with the RE photography business, having info on hand like this for my clients would be beneficial! Please email me ( ) and let me know, thank you! ~~ Laurie Smith,

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