Before and After: A Tale of Two Villas

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a “before and after” series (you can see the past posts linked at the end of this one). I thought you might enjoy the night and day differences between the images a client had before and what I delivered. The client was so pleased, he said it looked like two different  villas.

Before image of house


After image of house front


Before image of pool


After image of pool


Living Room Before


Living Room After


Dining Before


Dining After


Game Room Before


Game Room After


Master Bedroom Before


Master Bedroom After


Master Bed Before


Master Bed After


Master Bed Before


Maste Bed After


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9 thoughts on “Before and After: A Tale of Two Villas

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  2. I enjoyed looking at your before & after shots, and I can see how your experience, techniques, and talent have made your customer’s home look like a different villa. I have questions about two of the shots, and I hope the answers aren’t trade secrets.

    The (after) front shot shows the addition of three full grown trees and a decorative house-number sign, and the removal of a bush in front of the entry. The (after) pool room shot shows new sconces. Are these due to the miracle of Photoshop, or did the client take your advice and make certain property improvements? If shopped, I’m quite curious about the quizzing the seller must have taken each time the house was shown.

    Perhaps the changes were made during the interval between the first photographer’s efforts and your arrival?

    I enjoy your blog as well as these before/after examples.


    • Hey Micheal,

      Thanks for your stopping by my blog and your kind comments. To answer your question, no Photoshop involved in the changes you mentioned. Those changes were made between the old shots and the new ones.

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  5. I was wondering the same thing as Michael Mark when I noticed the lights added to the walls by the pool table shot. Either way, the photos make me want to live there a lot more than the originals. Nice work. My shots aren’t that good yet, but you’ve given me inspiration.

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