Canon 5D MKII Price Drop Begins

Canon 5D MKII

Let the price drop begin. When Canon announced the 5D MKIII two days ago, I was expecting the price of the MKII to drop in the coming weeks (the MKIII is expected to begin shipping in late March). I had no idea how soon the price would drop.

I tracked price fluctuations last year; from a hike to about $2,700 after the Japan earthquake to a low of about $2,100 for the Christmas shopping season. It stabilized to the usual $2,500 after the holidays.

Now it’s down to $2,200 on Amazon. [UPDATE 3/5/12: Another $50 drop. It’s down to $2,149.] How low will it go? We’ll see in the next few weeks. So if you’ve been eyeing a full frame camera, you might save some money by opting for the MKII over the newer MKIII.

Is the MKIII worth the extra $1,300? I did a comparison using SnapSort and found mostly minor differences.

  • A screen that is .2-inches larger with better resolution. The image on the screen does not reflect what you’ll see on your computer or print.
  • 6 frames per second vs. 3.9. If you don’t shoot action, then this won’t matter to you.
  • 22.1 megapixels vs. 21. ‘Nuff said.

The differences that might sway me are:

  • ISO 25,600 vs. 6,400
  • 100% viewfinder coverage vs. 98%. As an interior photographer, this is actually a big deal for me

Other features that might interest you:

  • More focus points and more cross type focus points
  • In camera HDR
  • Silent mode for video recording

The question is: is that worth the extra money? Hit me up in the comments with your thoughts. If the MKII drops to $2,000 would you get it instead of the MKIII or is the MKIII clearly superior?


4 thoughts on “Canon 5D MKII Price Drop Begins

  1. Many photographers were complaining about weak AF performance and slow fps on Mk2. I always thought that if you wanted better performance in those fields, you have to upgrade to 1 series. Mk2 is fantastic camera for what its made. You can’t have it all for less than $3000. If you look at it that way, the price of Mk3 is good, but if you look at Nikon D800 price than you may ask yourself…

    • I’ve heard about the weak AF performance from wedding photographers. As for the FPS, that’s something you have to know going into it. It’s not meant for sports shooters. As the price of the MKII drops it becomes more than a $1,000 difference between the MKIII.

  2. Good points Harry. I’m leaning toward the 5DMKIII because I already own the 7D (and plan on keeping it). I’ve been spoiled by the 7D’s AF system and 7 fps. There’s no going back for me, especially with the AF. I primarily shoot editorial and concert photography so being able to catch the action is crucial for me.

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