Before and After Real Estate Photos

I shot a home a few months ago and today came across an older realty listing for the same home. I thought it served as a perfect example of how hiring a professional photographer can make a world of difference. The home is listed for $1.9 million. If my assumptions and calculations are correct, the realtor stands to make about $57-thousand from the commission of the sale. For a little more than half-of-one percent of that, they could have gotten quality images from me. See for yourself and ask, “If I had 1.9-million lying around, which pictures would get me to go see that house?”.

(Note: clicking on my images will open a larger image in a new window. To see the full gallery click here.)

Home Exterior

Living Area

Master Bath

Upstairs Balcony

Office Den


4 thoughts on “Before and After Real Estate Photos

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