Television for Photographers

Wild Photo Adventures Screen Shot
Not too long ago, I blogged about a new television show on the Weather Channel featuring landscape photographer Peter Lik. I was excited that someone decided to make a TV show about photography. So imagine my surprise when I found another one! I was flipping through the channels last weekend and came across something on the PBS station called “Wild Photo Adventures”.

This particular episode featured the host teamed up with a storm chaser. They were chasing tornadoes and trying to get pictures of one. At one point in the show they photographed a lightning storm. What I really liked about the show (aside from the fact that there is even a TV show for photographers!) is that the host talked about his settings and thought process. When he wasn’t on a tripod, he boosted his ISO to get a faster shutter speed. When shooting lightning, he walks through the “how-to” process and explains the use of “bulb” mode.

Incidentally, on the same day I was able to catch an episode of “From the Edge” and I wasn’t thrilled. Maybe it’s the fact that Peter Lik is shooting with a $30,000 medium format camera (I’m guessing on the price) which the majority of us do not have; or the fact that he was trying to get through very narrow slot canyons while carrying his tripod legs fully extended over his shoulder. But it was probably that he never really talked about exposure or composition. Granted, I’m judging based on only one episode.

I was intrigued by Wild Photo Adventures and wondered how regularly it airs on TV. Luckily, the episodes are available online. Since the host, Doug Gardner, is a wildlife photographer, most of the episodes deal with nature (hence the name). There’s even an episode on photographing flowers and two episodes shot in the Florida Everglades.

Check it out…


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