Google Launches Search by Image

You know you can search for images on Google. You can, for example, type in “red Ferrari” in the search box, but click on images to find pictures of red Ferraris instead of links. Well, now you can search by using images. The video above explains it best. Just upload your image and Google will find similar images.

I wonder what implications this has for photographers. Can you use it as a reverse image look-up to see if your image is being used somewhere similar to Tin-Eye or other services I wrote about here. I might be over-thinking it. What do you think? How would you use this feature?


4 thoughts on “Google Launches Search by Image

  1. Interesting. Here’s the first thing that comes to my mind after watching the video – I could use it to find out what kind of bird that was that I took a picture of last Sunday. That would be an enlightening and helpful thing.
    My second thought is kind of discouraging – I could search using a photo I shot that I thought was pretty good and then come up with dozens (hundreds) of the same subject that are much better than my shot. Then I might want to hang up my camera and go back to bed. I know, it could be educational, showing me what I might have done better… depends on what I thought of my shot to begin with, I suppose.

    • “hang up my camera and go back to bed” Ha! Don’t get discouraged. It should serve as inspiration and a challenge. I look at the work of other photographers sometimes and just scratch my head and tell myself that maybe I’ll get there someday. Photography is like a ladder. Whatever rung you’re on there’s always someone below you and above you. You just gotta keep climbing.

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