Cool Pics, An Amazing Gadget and More in Today’s Round-Up

First up, the cool pics.

Here’s one that I didn’t believe at first. New York photographer Jay Fine captured lightning hitting the Statue of Liberty. The first thumbnail in the article clearly shows lightning “near” the statute. The last picture, blown up, actually shows what appears to be a lightning bolt hitting Lady Liberty. I was still skeptical, but then thought, “well, it is a huge lightning rod out in the middle of the water.”

Next up, 10 War Photographs that Changed the World.  Number 3 on that list is the one of “napalm girl”, the 9-year old who was burned in a napalm attack on her village in Vietnam. Joe McNally took her portrait   in 1995 holding her son. In the portrait you can see the scars on her back.

Here’s some advice on choosing a lens.

The Canon 1DMkIV was used for a live Al-Jazeera news broadcast. Find out why the cameraman chose a DSLR instead of a high-end video camera. Judging by the image quality, it’s not hard to see why!

Finally, my jaw dropped when I saw this. Then again, I’m a gadget freak. Canon has a device that looks like a scanner. You rest your DSLR or video camera on top of it and it starts to charge the battery. But wait, there’s more! It will, at the same time, retrieve the images from your memory card! The whole thing is hooked up to a flat screen TV where you can sort the files and even email them to someone! I’m still stuck on the “charge-your-battery-and-download-your-images-while-your-camera-sits-on-the-gadget” part. Dang, my Christmas list keeps getting longer!


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