Monday’s News and Tips for Photographers

Hope you guys had a good weekend. Let’s get right to it.

Sunday’s circular for Staples featured the student and teacher version of Photoshop CS5 extended for $169 (see pg.4). So if you are a student or teacher, or know one (wink, wink)….

You might remember this picture from a past blog post:

 Baldwin Park Meteorologists

Well, I looked up a Photoshop tutorial on YouTube on how to make it look like it’s raining. Over the weekend, I ran across this tutorial that’s very similar: Hot to make it rain in Photoshop

 In other news: 

7 Ways to Send Huge Files

And over at, Syl Arena shows us what you can do with One Softbox, Three Speedlites, 20 Minutes.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you saw this on Friday: The most compact DSLR kit.  One more thing to add to my Christmas list! And if you don’t follow me on Twitter…why aren’t you!?

Lastly, here’s some advice on How to Buy Gear on a Limited Budget.

Have a great Monday!



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