Tale of Two Meteorologist in Baldwin Park

This is just a quick teaser on a photo shoot I did yesterday for one of the covers for the June issue of Baldwin Park Living Magazine. Yes, I said one of two covers…I’m shooting the other on Sunday. 

(UPDATE 5/23/10: The shoot was cancelled so there will be only one cover.)

There are two meteorologists who live in Baldwin Park; Jason Brewer, with NBC affiliate WESH lives on my street. Brian Shields works for the ABC affiliate, WFTV (turns out Brian lives near me too). 

I had two concepts in mind: the first was each of them toasting the other with tropical drinks, complete with little umbrellas. The other concept was the “sad-face-happy-face” of the drama masks. So I had Jason put on a rain coat and umbrella while Brian smiled with his shades on and his drink in hand. 

Baldwin Park Meteorologists

The original picture I submitted to the editor would have cropped out the lightning in the upper left hand corner. So I made it rain on Jason instead. I’ll post the actual cover when I get the issue, but it’s basically cropped in on the sides to their elbows. 



4 thoughts on “Tale of Two Meteorologist in Baldwin Park

  1. Nice, work, Harry, I’m really starting to love your themes and your creativity shines. I’m glad others can witness what talent you’ve had since I can remember. Just some questions – since it doesn’t appear that you super-imposed Jason onto Brian’s background, did you consider dimming the sunlight on his umbrella to make the darkness of the stormy background more natural? Would you have found that kind of rig more challenging than it was worth to produce such a minor change? Did lighting play a part overall against your subjects in the same frame, or did you shoot with different lighting for a variety of results?


    • When I shot it I wasn’t sure it would work. I took two exposures; one dark for Jason and one bright for Brian. But then I realized I could just double process one image. So you’ll see Brian’s face is brighter than Jason’s. I did think about darkening the umbrella, but it wouldn’t look natural and it won’t make a huge difference in the final product because most of it will be cropped.

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