Most Viewed Photo on Harry Lim Photography’s Flickr Page

So I’m a little obsessed. On an almost daily basis I check the stats and analytics on my Web site, Flickr page and blog. You know, just seeing if anyone’s out there. 

And sometimes, I’ll even google myself to see how high my site is ranking…or if it ranks at all! (it does, by the way. First page. Right behind a cardiologist and jazz musician by the same name). 

Actually, that’s a good segue ’cause the most popular picture on my Flickr Pro Page is of a saxophone. Well, not just any saxophone; a “Julius Keilwerth Tenor, aka the SR90 Shadow”.  

Julius Keilwerth Tenor Saxophone SX 90 R “Shadow”

click for larger image

I took a picture of it last June when I did a photo shoot for my friend and jazz musician Derek Hudson. That picture has been viewed 150 times. That’s 3 times more than any other I have posted. [UPDATE 10/29/10: The count is now up to 324]

I even found a link to it on a search engine. I’ve tried to find the link again, but I can’t. I do remember that I was given credit for it. 

So I keep asking myself: why that picture? Of all the ones I have posted, what is it about that one that makes it the most popular? Let me know what you think. Take a look at my Flickr Pro Page and let me know there or here or on Facebook which one is your favorite.


One thought on “Most Viewed Photo on Harry Lim Photography’s Flickr Page

  1. The science behind flickr views is something i have not quite figured out…I think it has a lot to do with tags, because when someone searches for particular photos your photo shows up based on the tag. So the more tags, the better!
    Another helpful tactic to getting views, is if the subject of the picture is something popular during a certain time of the year. For example, if you post pictures of the Winter Olympics, during the same time of Olympics your are bound to get more views. Lastly, what i think is helpful is if the picture is bright with good lighting that will attract a person just from the thumbnail of the photo
    Oh! also adding your picture to Flickr groups can really make a difference….There are always random pictures on Flickr with thousands of views and it makes no sense as to how the person got so many views.

    I definitely get into that same obsession with checking image views, even more so when its a picture I’m proud of…I know my highest viewed one is at 709, and its a simple picture of Orlando’s city scape

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